How did Kabali do it?

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July 2016

As all good things come with a price to pay, burning a hole in your pocket for watching a movie in the multiplex surely needs a good-enough justification. The Indian audience is going smarter by the day and is indeed difficult to please. In an era like this, what is it that has enticed people to storm the theatres for Rajnikanth’s Kabali?

There is no question about one of the biggest reasons being the Superstar himself. With the mass worship and fan following that the actor commands, comparisons with other Bollywood actors are bound to happen. Let’s talk facts here for a moment. This year’s highest grossing films, Salman Khan starrer Sultan, had garnered 274 crore while Shahrukh’s Fan and Akshay’s Airlift collected 85 and 127 crore respectively. Taking a huge leap ahead, Kabali had already earned 200 crore days before the release. Twitter and Facebook walls were flooded with posts over this.

Quanical Blog
Quanical Blog

What influences the aam janta to decide whether a particular movie will be worth their valuable 300 Rupees? They explore and evaluate their decision via the buzz created through social media, newspapers, television and other such mediums. The never done before promotional activities opted by the Kabali promotion team have allured people immensely and caught their attention. They have become the talk of the town and obsession for the Superstar has added fuel to the fire.

Brands like AirAsia, Muthoot Fincorp, etc have partnered with Kabali and have come up with exciting offers one can’t help but notice. AirAsia came up with a unique strategy of arranging a special flight with Kabali posters under their ‘Fly like a Superstar’ campaign. The flight offered the ardent fans of Rajnikanth to watch the first day first show in Chennai on 22nd July.

Muthoot Fincorp launched silver coins with embossed image of the Kabali actor as a part of their marketing campaign. What more? Some of Chennai and Bengaluru based companies declared a work-off for their employees on July 22 to avoid piled up leave requests to the HR. Some of them have even offered movie tickets to their employees, celebrating the Rajni fever. PVR Cinemas, the official movie partner of the film, offered customers a special digital poster for sale on its website. Apart from this, they also acquired exclusive rights to sell Kabali merchandise at the theatres.

Moreover, start-ups and businesses have stirred up the internet through their social media campaigning to cash up the craze. Companies like Filmify, a film news content curation platform, has been campaigning since the teaser release date and also have been promoting Kabali- theme t-shirts. GoBumpr has come up with ‘Kabali-fy your car or vehicle' campaign and the list of such campaigns goes on.

The city walls, buses and planes have been covered with the film’s posters. Right from the t-shirts, mobile covers to coffee mugs, the Kabali epidemic is only growing and going crazier every minute.

Even Hollywood could not stay unaffected from the Kabali fever and how? Hollywood movie, Ice Age: Collision Course, has shifted its release date so as to avoid Box Office clashes with the Rajinikanth's Kabali.

The movie has gripped the audience not just nationally but internationally as well. A leading theatre in Singapore charged $39.90 for Kabali first day first show ticket, which is the highest priced ticket ever for any film screened in Singapore. If sources are right, more than1 lakh tickets have already been sold in U.A.E for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, which has broken all the records of any Indian movie. The film has earned more than 30 crore rupees in the USA and Canada markets, with the movie tickets being sold out within two hours of pre-booking in the US. Considering this, Kabali is likely to be the biggest Indian release in the international market.

This is the impact of right Branding and Promotions. Since branding plays such an influential role in the success of marketing, be it a movie or business, why not make the most of it?

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