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COVID Care Measures

Enhanced safety & hygiene measures taken at our office

Temperature screening at the entry and exit gate of the entire staff is conducted daily.

Thermal screening at the Entry and Exit Gate

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Mandatory use of Masks all the time

All the staff at our plant are equipped with Masks as a preventive mechanism. These masks are replaced daily.

Common areas like door handles, faucets, and barricades are sanitized frequently. Hand sanitisers and Hand Washes are kept at various locations in the plant.

Frequent Sanitisation of complete Facility

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Social Distancing & Education of Staff

Educating the Staff on COVID-19 with the help of COVID-19 posters being displayed at various locations in the plant and to ensure adequate distance between workers. We are ensuring adequate gaps between people while working and staggering the lunch break of staffs.

All staff at our plant are advised to install mobile application (In case of India - Aarogya Setu App) in their phones to regularly check if they have come into a contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

Monitored by mobile App

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are lending a helping hand to their employees to cope with the health challenge thrown by the second wave of the pandemic. We have also tied-up with testing labs. We have collaborated with emergency ambulance providers in major cities, and partnered with 150 hospitals, in 24 cities, to enable treatment for its employees and their family members. Our employees and their dependents infected with Covid will be covered if they require home care facilities under company medical insurance.

Thought Leadership

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