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Online retail landscape of India

Lets understand what is online marketing : Customer no lengthier see a difference between online and offline shopping. Whether it’s searching on a laptop, browsing main street shops or hanging out at the mall it’s all shopping. To adapt to the competitive new reality, smart retailers are drawing on classic retailing truths of the past and augmenting them for the now. But somehow it do get effected because as mention earlier customers have became smarter they no were to buy and save their resources money is one of the factor but there are other things included which is seen while online purchase and traditional way of retail.

Retail organisation Retail business can be approximately open into two groups namely- organised and unorganised retail.

  • Organized retail - Organised traders/retailers, who are licensed for trading activities and registered to pay taxes to the government.

  • Unorganized retail – It consists of unauthorized small shops - conventional Kirana shops, general stores, corner shops among various other small retail outlets - but remain as the radiating force of Indian retail industry.

Retail organisation Retail business

In today world technology, several entrepreneurs are in online businesses. Retail and traders are original up to storefronts and using the Internet as their platform. Online retailing has become a popular way for business owners to remove large overheads, offer better pricing on their products, and market to a larger audience. Consumers have made online retailing extremely popular, especially due to the convenience it offers.

One of the major fears face by the traditional retail is when he shows varies variety of things to customers but at end of the day they look at price and planes to buy it online. Earlier shopkeeper who had their hands over retail sale had only deal with competitor’s who were into same business, and reduce the price to stay in competition. But today the story has change especially in case of electronic goods. As buying products online is been easy business, because it not only saves time and money for customers but at the same it helps to compare price with different online e-commerce companies. So for retail seller’s competition has increase and due to which there is large reduce of price margins.

Now digital online industy are promoting themselves by help of digital marketing which is somehow helping them to attract more at the same time they are promoting themselves by help of traditional way of marketing too, which takes traditional buyers to buy things online. This is effecting traditional shop keepers on larger level because they can not promote their shop on either of platform.

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